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Who We Are

Established at the turn of the new millennium with a desire to address the important needs of our youth and community, a group of residents, traditional practitioners, teachers, and business experts created the Wai‘anae Community Re-Development Corporation (WCRC), a federally recognized 501 c 3 nonprofit organization. Our strategy impacts five critical areas of need: out-of-school youth, sustainable economic development, agriculture, health, and Hawaiian culture. Youth leadership and social enterprise development is our core objective, with strategies to build a localized movement to put the value of aloha ‘aina into action.

Wai‘anae boasts fertile soils, an abundance of ocean and marine resources, land suitable for agricultural production, and commercial areas ripe for business activity. Most importantly, Wai‘anae still possesses a strong cultural tradition of working closely with the land. Our goal is to re-establish our community through ‘aina-based activities, nurturing and growing our youth and their families within an environment of communal ownership and pride. In ancient times, the maka‘ainana (common people) regulated their lives in accordance with nature and what nature provided in the uka (uplands), kula (plains), and the kai (ocean). Over time, it is our hope that the ‘opio will once again identify themselves to the ‘aina that nourishes them, re-building a strong sense of stability, security, and belonging to the ‘ohana nui (larger community).