Our Produce


Arugula has a rich, peppery taste, and has an exceptionally strong flavor for a leafy green. It is generally eaten raw in salads accompanied by seasonal fruits, cheeses or meats.

Mustard Greens/Ruby streaks

Mustard greens are the leafy part of the mustard plant. The greens are slightly peppery in flavor and are available year round.


The white, yellow, or purple round head can be eaten raw or cooked with a mild and slightly crunchy texture. Available seasonally.


Mizuna is a Japanese mustard green. The leaves are feather shaped with a peppery taste and is available year round.


Parsley is a green herb used as a spice and garnish. MA‘O raises both American and Italian varieties. Available year round.

Purplette Onion

The Purplette variety of onion is sweeter and smaller than conventional onions. Available seasonally.

Meyer Lemons

A cross between a mandarin orange and a lemon, these are sweeter and less acidic. Available seasonally.


A tropical fruit with an oblong pit and sweet flesh. Once peeled and pit is removed it is ready to use. Available seasonally. MA`O has many varieties growing including Haden , Kiett, Rapoza, and Pirie.


Both leaves and root can be eaten after cooking. Available year round.

Tahitian Lime

Tahitian limes have a fairly thin rind and with seedless and juicy flesh. Available seasonally.


Hakurei is a Japanese turnip with uniform round roots with white skin and a crisp texture. The tops are mild enough to eat fresh out of the garden along with the roots. Available year round.

Green Onion

Green onions are milder than most onions and can be cooked or used raw as a part of salads or Asian recipes. Available year round.


Anise in flavor, the feathery leaves and roots can be used for cooked or raw dishes. Available year round.


Endive has a slightly bitter flavor and works well mixed with other salad greens, either the curly or head varieties. Available seasonally, we generally grow Frisee but sometimes the heirloom Italian varieties.


Eggplant can be purple or white and are best when unblemished with smooth tight skin. Available year round.


Daikon is a mild-flavored radish with edible root and tops. Available year round.

Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are elongated, pointy, slightly shiny and can be used in stir-fries and curries. Available year round.


Kale is a member of the cabbage family, is highly nutritious and is available in Curly, Red Russian, and Toscano (aka Lacinato or Dino) year round.


The white and yellow kernels are sweet and can be grilled or boiled. Available seasonally.

Collard Greens

Collard greens are a member of the cabbage family with a fairly mild flavor similar to kale. Available Seasonally.


Cilantro is the leaves of the coriander plant and is strong in taste and smell. Available year round.


A root vegetable that can be orange, purple, red, white, or yellow. Available seasonally.


Broccoli is a close relative of the cauliflower that can be steamed, stir fried or eaten raw. Available seasonally.

Radish, French Breakfast and Pink Beauty

The French Breakfast radish is elongated in shape with a bright red outer skin, which turns white at the root base with a crisp texture and a mild to delicately sweet flavor. Available year round.


Beetroots and their greens are edible after cooking. Available year round. MA‘O offers both baby and mature beets in five varieties: chiggio, touchstone gold, early wonder, red ace, blankoma (white)


Basil leaves have an anise-like flavor with a pungent sweet smell used in many ethic cuisines. Available year round in both Italian and Thai varieties.


Bananas come in a variety of sizes and colors when ripe, including yellow, purple, and red. In popular culture and commerce, "banana" usually refers to soft, sweet "dessert" bananas. Bananas from a group of cultivars with firmer, starchier fruit are called plantains. Many varieties of bananas are perennial. They are native to tropical Southeast Asia, and are likely to have been first domesticated in Papua New Guinea. Today, they are cultivated throughout the tropics. They are grown in at least 107 countries, primarily for their fruit, and to a lesser extent to make fiber and as ornamental plants.


Radicchio is a mildly bitter tasting leafy vegetable that is red in color. Available seasonally.


Varieties of orange that are sweet and easily peeled for eating with few seeds. Available seasonally.

Tat Soi

Tat soi has dark green spoon-shaped leaves with a soft creamy texture and subtle flavor, sometimes referred to as Asian Spinach. Available year round either bunched or baby.

Baby Romaine Lettuce

Romaine lettuce is slightly bitter and is very crunchy. Available seasonally.

Green/Red/Rainbow Chard

Chard is a leafy vegetable with shiny green ribbed leaves, with stems that range in color with a slightly bitter taste. Available year round.


Root can be eaten after cooking and is starchy similar to a potato. Available year round.

Mesclun "Sassy" Salad Mix

Mesclun is a salad mix with tat soi, kale, ruby steaks, arugula, red oak lettuce, and Lola Rossa lettuces. This signature MA’O mix is available year round